2018 Top Trends in Kitchens-It's not what you think!


Clutter Free Counters

The #1 2018 kitchen trend according to a Houzz study, reported on Builder. Is it possible to maintain and still find storage? The study by Houzz outlines kitchen trends homeowners are incorporating into their kitchen designs and remodeling. Take a look at some stats below:

Kitchen Storage

With Clutter-free space, where's the storage? Trends in storage for high functioning, high traffic kitchen might opt for designs like those made by Wellborn. I haven't used Wellborn myself, however, according to the website, it's a family owned and operated business. There are 6 lines of products includes Home Concepts, Premier, Estate, Elegant Bath, and Wellborn Closets. There is also a creative element for the DIY'er in the Estate Collection. Beautiful solutions for much-needed storage in busy households. Contact the company on their site for sales options.

Cleaning Products for Quartz

According to the Houzz survey, a whopping 43% of homeowner's prefer engineered quartz. Cleaning quartz isn't hard once it's been sealed. Bob Vila, TV personality, quartz care is as simple as wiping with a mild, non-abrasive cloth and dishwashing detergent. He recommends non- abrasive sponges and surface cleaners for a deeper clean. Though quartz will resist permanent stains from wine, tea, etc. he suggests not placing heat about 300 F on it or using it as a cutting board. Drastic changes in temperature can break down the resin found in quartz. Knife slices will leave marks!

Easy Made from Scratch Food Dishes

The survey reports 48% of homeowners prefer cooking from scratch. I'm in this category. Cooking is my jam. I love it. I'm plugging Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa not because I'm getting paid (nada, nothing) I really love her recipes. I watched all of her Food Network shows when my daughter was first born, but she really hooked me when she signed her Back to Basics cookbook my mom bought me for Christmas years ago. So exciting! Ok, enough girl gushing, her cookbook, How Easy is that provides lots of homemade dishes that taste and look like they were professionally cooked. Combining both is the dream. Quality, substance, and sustenance. I do also use All Recipes (old fashioned pancakes, yummy!) and I use Food Network. They both offer a variety of options for Quick and Easy Meals. I'm also a huge fan of the crockpot. I cook our chicken in it for Taco Tuesday (Every week. Meal planning saves me from hangry kid and spouse). I will share my secret ingredient in another post. 

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