Single Women Outpace Single Men in Real Estate Purchases

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Single Women Purchase Homes at Twice the Rate as Single Men

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Women like you drown oceans
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According to a Bloomberg report, single women account for 17% of homebuyers to single men's 7%. Single women are building their own wealth, realizing their purchasing power and not waiting to "couple" before pulling the trigger to purchase (Bloomberg, 2017)

Women earn 83% of Men's earnings -Bureau of Labor Statistics

Still earning less than male counterparts, women's price points tend to be lower than mens. Wage disparity may be the cause of reduced purchasing power.  Single women have been outpacing men in home purchases since 1981 according to the National Association of Realtors.

Research completed by professor Bella DePaulo at University of California Santa Barbara states, "Despite the stereotypes that insist women care more about marriage than men do, it may actually be single life women embrace more than men...unmarried women may be likelier than men to seize singledom as a lifestyle".

women and the glass ceiling
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Realtor Magazine completed a study in 2015, surveying 1,000 single baby boomer women and found female adults ages 50-68 are confident, happy and thriving. 74% of the women surveyed said they were as happy or happier than at age 35. Full article here.

Leading an active life and being physically healthy through exercise were a major part of the study. It may reflect the location choices women make and what builders should include in planned development communities.