Disputing Your Credit Report

While disputing your credit report may not fall into the top category of fun things to do...ever. It's sometimes necessary. Empower yourself with the most current information on how to dispute creditors and why you shouldn't wait.

Disputing Credit Items:

  1. Creditors: Contact the credit agency that reported the item directly. Sometimes based on timeframe, they may remove the item. Requesting a copy of your driver's license and other personal info. may be necessary to identify you. Start to finish, this can take up to 60 days. Best to get it done right away rather than wait. The item on your credit could impact your credit score and thus your interest rate.
  2. Credit Agencies: TransUnion has it's own online dispute system. Gone are the days of writing a letter to be lost in the abyss. Complete their online form to get the process started. They will contact you via email to follow-up. Click here for TransUnion. Check Equifax and Experian for a similar process.
  3. Protect Yourself: Signing up with any of the three major bureaus as a member will give you benefits such as identity protection, fraud alerts, and credit score monitoring to name a few. This may assist you in keeping tabs on your credit.

We have an abundance of experience disputing credit report items and assisting our clients with rapid rescores. If dispute is not an option before your purchase, not all hope is lost. Contact us for a Free, No obligation consultation and how we may assist you.